The Client Challenge

Jaanuu is a fashion- and performance-forward scrubs brand founded by Dr. Neela Sethi Young and her brother Shaan Sethi. Before engaging The Brand Guild, Jaanuu had steadily grown a dedicated following of healthcare professionals since its founding in 2013 but was lagging behind splashier scrubs brand FIGS. Jaanuu needed help identifying its differentiators against fierce competition, cleaning up its convoluted brand language, and building an aggressive brand growth strategy to put the brand ahead in the scrubs wars.

What We Did

We conducted an intensive brand messaging audit, looking at messaging, tone, and style across channels like email, social media, the Jaanuu website, and in-box product materials. Through stakeholder interviews, customer data, competitor research, and landscape analysis across the medical apparel space, we identified pain points, differentiators, challenges, and opportunities for Jaanuu. We used that whitespace analysis to inform our recommendations for positioning the Jaanuu brand, as well as which messaging the brand should cut versus embrace, as well as which differentiators Jaanuu should lean into in its branding. From there, we created brand pillars and best practices:

  • Mission Statement
  • Values
  • Brand Vision
  • Brand Voice & Tone
  • Audience Personas
  • Press Messaging
  • Content and Social Media Best Practices

Using the brand playbook we created, we built a press, executive thought leadership, and content strategy for the brand. We also designed sample major brand campaigns spanning OOH, brick-and-mortar experiences, digital marketing, a thought leadership report, and more.

The Outcomes

Through our research and analysis, we were able to give Jaanuu clear-cut recommendations about which parts of the brand to lean into, ultimately positioning Jaanuu as the “Nike of scrubs.” We found that cofounder Dr. Neela was a key differentiator for Jaanuu as a physician-led brand, so we encouraged the brand to lean into messaging around her. We also built up Dr. Neela’s involvement in our outreach across press, thought leadership, and content. Instead of a diluted give-back model, we advised the brand to lean into efforts around healthcare provider mental health and gave recommendations around how heavily the brand should weigh language tied to performance, fashion, and B2B partnerships. Using client feedback to our brand strategy, our press, marketing, executive thought leadership, social media, and content teams built and executed a strategy and roadmap with key brand campaigns to advance Jaanuu’s goal of capturing more share of voice and customers in a competitive marketplace. Not only this, but Jaanuu’s reputation as the “Nike of scrubs” is growing, thanks to key press hits such as:

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